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• Addresses the most in-demand and practical technique of contemporary visualization, an innovative methodology of merging traditional freehand, and digital 3D model techniques. 

• Studying masters of art works, as a foundation to enrich the designers’ perception of expressive visualization. 

• Teaches a unique visualization process, step-by-step, theoretically and illustratively. 

• This is a self-study book and does not require prerequisite knowledge. 

• Suggests a simple and fast way of 3D rendering, which is highly needed in both schools and professional studios. 

• The book is an inspirational resource for those interested in art, design, and visualization.



Artistic principles of presentation are the most influential factors in forming an observer’s interpretation of a certain object. Artists use these principles to enhance the communication of their ideas to their audience. This book aims to teach and emphasize the importance of these principles to designers so that they too, like artists, can present their ideas more expressively and communicate more easily with their audience. This book intends to enhance the artistic knowledge and perceptions of designers, which will be realized through observation of the work of masters of art and analysis of the masters’ presentation methods, followed by offering ways of effectively applying these methods to the visualization and representation of design ideas. The book also describes the application of these principles to visualization and rendering, providing step-by-step examples. These examples include both digital and freehand drawing techniques as well as their combinations. The book offers simple steps for the visualization, each of which is taught analytically and illustratively.

DESIGN VISUALIZATION: Exploring Expressive Visualization Through Art Fundamental

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