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​​Art is my main passion. I enjoy observing the form of objects, their composition and relation with the surrounding environment. Every form and object in the nature inspires me. I enjoy exploring forms and structures of patterns and exposing them in the world of art and design. This passion drove me towards studying Architecture and Landscape Architecture. During my 8 years of education, I became more acquainted with the meaning of form and its logic in sustainability, aesthetics and function. My baseline of thinking like an artist has been grounded by years of rigorous study in the technical strengths required by the hybrid disciplines in the design studios.

I have practiced as an instructor for 6 years and as a designer in New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Houston, and Tehran for 8 years. I am currently teaching at the Academy of Art University, School of Landscape Architecture.

My interest is engaging the Art as a fundamental element in design and representation process and making a conclusive discussion through it that is functional, inspiring and necessary in design studio. My teaching goal has been primarily leading my students to develop their creativity through learning the concept of art and thereby utilizing it and practicing its impacts on their design process. I inspire and direct them how to express their imaginations through leading methods of representations, which establish an optimum and novel combination of hand-drawing and digital approaches.

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